Waterfalls are gems of nature. Aside from their awe-inspiring beauty, there are important health reasons that we enjoy visiting waterfalls. Perhaps the most obvious is that you can bathe in the running water, allowing it to not only cleanse you but also to massage every inch of your body simultaneously, with natural mineral water that is free from chlorine, fuoride and other harmful chemicals.

Michael Ducharme a few seconds before diving into the waterfall below in Campana Panama

But everyone that visits a waterfall gets an additional health benefit, whether or not they choose to go into the water. Millions of negative ions are always present near waterfalls, due to the turbulence of the falling water. Negative ions are particles that have an extra electron, and electrons have a negative charge, hence their name. These negative ions are suspended in the air, and as you breathe in these special particle, they immediately seek out and pair with positive ions inside your body. Positive ions are dangerous chemicals that lack an electron, ane the very best way to neutralize these chemicals is by exposing yourself to a source of negative ions as often as possible.

waterfall el buey at paraiso escondido chica panama

Luckily, Panama is home to innumerable waterfalls. We can help you organize a trip to any of a dozen or more waterfalls within a short driving distance from Vida Lotus. If you are adventurous, you may wish to go exploring on your own. Or, if you prefer, we can send you with a professional guide that knows the ins and outs of all these amazing places.

waterfall el macho in el valle panama

ramses in front of a tall beautiful waterfall in buenos aires panama