Vida Lotus Raw Vegan and Cooked Vegan Food

A small selection of raw fruits and other whole food plant based meals, both raw and cooked.

The following video begins with fresh mangosteen and features raw vegan delicacies including: yogurt, fruit platters, a trio of ceviche, guacamole, lettuce wraps, raw spaghetti pesto, raw vegan cinnamon mini rolls, heart-shaped truffles and a round very berry mini cheesecake.

The above video also contains your favourite cooked vegan dishes. Cooked vegan meals help you to transition to a diet that is higher and higher in fresh fruit content. Your favourite vegan breakfasts include fruity pancakes, waffles, arepas. For lunch we have babaghanoush and pita bread, nachos, loaded patacones and plantain boats. Vegan dinners include a selection of vegan pizzas, no chicken parmesan, chick pea milanesa, and minced plantain meat. Your favorite vegan desserts include doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and blueberry coffee cheesecake.

Vida Lotus encourages you to hold yourself to the highest standard possible for you. We recommend that vegan be a minimum standard, but you should choose raw fruits instead of cooked or highly processed food with dangerous additives.