My Experience at Vida Lotus

Testimonial of Nicole Vladic

Do you want to know how I changed my life by following 9 simple steps?

For four years I have lived in Panama, the country that opened the doors to rebuild my life and to which I am very grateful. Moving to another country is not easy, but I have gained a lot of significant experiences, which have helped me grow as a person and with each passing day I feel more and more different, contemplating new things and changing perspectives and ideals.

Two years ago I discovered a very special place, Limon Panama, which is located in the province of Panama-West. It has a fantastic climate, a majestic view and very friendly people. This is where Vida Lotus is located, it is a paradise built with love, where I learned many valuable things, among them, a 9-part system that helped me understand well-being and share it with the world.

Vida Lotus is not only a physical space, but a movement which consists of eradicating suffering. Knowing this system made me realize how complicated and confused we human beings can be, that suffering is real and spreads, I knew that I could not stand idly by and I understood that happiness will always be within each one of us and is my duty to collaborate in this world guiding others towards healing. So I take this new opportunity to invite you to know what the system consists of.
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I also acquired a new interest: the kitchen. Before arriving here I had very little knowledge in this relevant area but little by little I developed an impressive passion for food, I began to see it from another point of view, understanding how important a good diet is for our health and always respecting the integrity of other living beings, I was able to grasp the true meaning of food and thus I learned how to carry it out optimally. Previously, my diet had been very bad and my interest in cooking was zero, which led me to eat a lot on the street, which results in a bad decision for those who are interested in their health but I did not have much knowledge about it at that time. so I kept the same habits that mainly led me to a notable weight gain and constant dissatisfaction wanting to be satisfied with food, because the cravings that I presented were constant, I was totally intoxicated with all the junk food full of addictive chemicals. Diets weren’t for me; was what I said, since it seemed a total suffering to limit myself to eating what I wanted, but the main problem was that my cravings were never adequate, because I did not think about eating a fruit but something packaged and very mediocre. Everything changed thanks to the information I acquired in recent years, it served to make me realize many things, such as that sometimes we believe that something is right because it is common, but ultimately today I can say that normal is not always correct.

The right thing is the right thing, even if nobody does it. What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is wrong about it. – G.K. Chesterton

My love for cooking is now impressive and it is for many of those who know me, I went from not knowing how to prepare anything to creating great things. Since I understood that plant-based eating was the best, it aroused a huge interest in me to create and experiment in the kitchen. Now I am dedicated to preparing vegan and raw vegan dishes.

The decision to change my diet has been a very important event for me, I love to share this new passion with everyone to show how varied and how beneficial plant-based food is. The “insatiable” cravings have been reduced, now that I eat better I do not feel any interest in what I consumed before, I do not feel any limitation, I am not on a diet and that is the best since now this has become my new style of life.

I have learned a lot about love, when we hear for example: “You will love your neighbor as yourself” for me it makes all the sense in the world and who is the ‘neighbor’? Everything, everything that the universe contains, from a small caterpillar to an imposing tree. You have to love life, be passionate, make love your guide.

Love is everything and although I already believed I knew these values, I managed to deepen them, now I have known patience, gratitude and authentic happiness, that there is no better gift to give, service is joy and it is the best demonstration of love. I dare to say that if we all thought about giving more than receiving, the world would be a better place, but unfortunately selfishness abounds, among other mental illnesses that the human being himself has been responsible for creating, that is why I know that the best way to teaching is setting an example.

He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I have learned to know myself; once I identified my true needs, I could see how many whims I was mistaking for needs. In this way I realize that millions of people go through the same thing and live their lives without knowing where to go, chasing her tail, turning in circles without more.

One of the most everyday whims is about hunger, which now I like to believe does not exist, because there is no longer a clock in my body that says that at a certain time I should eat. Controlling my appetite has been transcendental since it has helped me a lot to recognize what I really should consume and what not. Eating three times a day is not a law, but a habit and I ask you not to be confused, I continue to eat but in a non-linear way, which means that I can eat less or more than 3 times in a day regardless of the time but Always aware of what enters my body and from my experience, in addition to medical tests, I have concluded that it is not affecting me in a negative way, so I have decided to continue on this path that has made things much easier for me.

I learned to identify fear as a barrier that must be broken down, it is normal to feel fear but precisely because it is normal does not mean that it is the ideal or the most appropriate, because fear always turns out to feel uncomfortable, bad and several times we cannot even recognize it . It is understood that fear is a reaction to the threat but the point is to know how to identify that since we are not always in this situation. As they taught me here: »The opposite of love is not hatred, but fear» and believe me that it has not been simple but I continue in constant introspection to improve who I am. There is no such thing as perfection, but I believe that each of us can work towards excellence.

The process is simple but it has not been so easy because it is more difficult to unlearn than to learn and eliminate the customs and ideologies imposed in the system, being that the only thing we know, it becomes a bit complicated to modify but once you are aware that you have the power to change, everything can get better.

Thank you Vida Lotus for opening my eyes, for pushing me to go on a good path. Thank you for the support, patience and love that was given to me.