Migraine Recovery Stories

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Dr. Max and Claritza’s Story about Recovering from Migraines and Back Pain.

“For us, coming to Vida Lotus was wonderful. We previously could not find a place that met all expectations. Here we have found a wonderful place and an unforgettable experience, especially the healing massage therapy where we experienced many emotions… Above all, being able to live and be without pain.”

Marily’s Story about Recovering from Migraines, Headaches, Insomnia, Depression and Stress

The following videos are of Marilyn speaking in Spanish, but the full text has been translated and is given below.

“Before coming to Vida Lotus, I had many headaches, migraines, a bit of depression. Emotionally I was disoriented, unable to concentrate due to insomnia. I stayed awake for a long time… 24 hours … I couldn’t sleep. My diet was very, very bad. I had very much stress. I felt tired before coming to Vida Lotus. ”

“Vida Lotus changed my life.”

“After a single treatment, my daily migraines have completely disappeared. I have not had another migraine in years!”

It was inspiring to observe the many healings that Michael performed. So many people would walk into the spa, some with horrible health conditions like daily migraines, and after just one rather lengthy session, the condition was apparently gone… folks would often come back months later just to thank us for freeing them of the horrible pain. Michael taught me how to get rid of someone’s headache in mere minutes. The lengthy sessions were for preventing future attacks. I would recommend that anyone suffering from headaches or migraines, as well as anyone interested in learning how to eliminate these conditions, should visit Vida Lotus as soon as possible. – Diana Vasquez, Panama City, Panama.

Last night I had my first migraine since I saw you, more than a month ago. I’m really impressed with the results of our short, ten-minute session. I’ve been constantly around my triggers… I would have expected at least 20 migraines by now, and all I’ve had is one! – Christine, MacGregor, Ontario