What is Yoga?

michael ducharme and yael side plank yoga pose

Yoga is unity, union. It is the reality of the entire universe; I am yoga, you are yoga.

Yoga is not an exercise. It is not an activity. You don’t have to ‘disconnect’ from the universe, nor is it possible. Sure, you can put your phone down for a bit. But you are always connected. There is nothing to connect. Just be aware, that’s all.

You do not need a perfect body* to practice yoga. In fact, whatever body you have right now is the perfect body to use to start or continue your practice. Sure, it is possible to improve your body using yoga exercises. But this can be seen as a side benefit compared to the most important spiritual benefits.

(* if you have a different body type to the ones you see on this site, please send us your pictures. We post the photos that we receive from our guests, but unfortunately we mostly receive submissions from fit 20-50 year olds. It is not our intention to make anyone feel excluded. So please help us make everyone feel welcome by sending your photos to show that everyone can and should enjoy yoga’s benefits.)

Two girls meditating back to back partner yoga at vida lotus