Massiel's Testimony on Chronic Migraine Relief

Before coming to Vida Lotus I was quite concerned about the number of times per week that I suffered a migraine, which was around 3-4 times per week. Through the treatment I felt very comfortable with a sensation that really gives calm to the body. Serenity. It allowed my body to feel free. That helped me to experience many things and especially through sleep. I was able to sleep more calmly for a longer time and especially because the body feels totally different. I have improved so much: A total change.

The first year I had a prolonged time of 6 months without absolutely no migraines. For me it was amazing after so many years [with chronic migraines]. I think everyone should come to Vida Lotus to eliminate their migraines. Vida Lotus continues to change my life with such wonderful experiences.

I suffered with Migraines since Childhood

My name is Karla. I have suffered from migraines since I was little. My migraines feel as though my head is going to burst, that my eyes are going to pop out. I take my medicine with me whenever I walk in the street; I can’t go anywhere without my medicine.

Today I have visited a very beautiful and precious place that offers to cure migraines. I have been receiving treatment. I have been honestly surprised by this place called Vida Lotus.

The experience that I am living is phenomenal. Vida Lotus is the best experience I have ever had in my life.

— Background music: You are Not Alone by Chris Bendo.