Vida Lotus Changed My Life

Marilyn now migraine free thanks for Vida Lotus

Marilyn Baruco’s Testimonial of Healing Migraines, Insomnia and Depression

Before Vida Lotus

The following videos are of Marilyn speaking in Spanish, but the full text has been translated and is given below.

“Before coming to Vida Lotus, I had many headaches, migraines, a bit of depression. Emotionally I was disoriented, unable to concentrate due to insomnia. I stayed awake for a long time… 24 hours … I couldn’t sleep. My diet was very, very bad. I had very much stress. I felt tired before coming to Vida Lotus. ”

Ten Years of Insomnia Relieved at Vida Lotus

For the last 10 years I’ve had insomnia. I’ve tried with every technique and teaching I’ve encountered that offered a solution. Michael’s therapy was without doubt the most effective thing I’ve tried. I’d urge anyone with similar health issues to take this very seriously.

– Adam Bones, Panama City

Nurse Gets Relief from Insomnia

Nurse Natalia Star gets relief from Insomnia at Vida Lotus

I visited Vida Lotus in Panama and had one massage treatment for my insomnia. It was a very unique system, different from any massage that I have ever experienced. After the treatment, I felt very relaxed in my body and mind. I slept deeply and peacefully the first night after the massage. Then the second, the third, and so on. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked. A few months later, I experienced some occasional insomnia again… I will definitely come back to Vida Lotus to experience the wonderful healing again.

– Natalia Star, Nurse Clinician, Montreal, Canada