Deep Cleansing Facial with Hydrating Mask

Exfoliating and Hydrating Facials at Vida Lotus

michael getting a steam facial at vida LOTUS HEALING SPA

Facial includes deep pore cleansing with steam and ozone, gentle extractions and a moisturizing mask according to your skin type and mood. We only use the finest vegan, organic, edible ingredients such as aloe vera, basil, curcumin, cacao, oats and neem.

Why use edible ingredients on my face or body?

The skin is your body’s largest organ and it helps to protect the body from outside dangers, but the skin also absorbs the nutrients or toxins that it is exposed to. We would never put anything on your skin that isn’t suitable for consumption. We suggest reading all cosmetic labels more carefully, and with every single ingredient, ask yourself “is this safe to eat?”