Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis

My Little Girl is Whole Again! A Testimonial from a Happy Father

A happy man now that his daughter is healed from rheumatoid arthritis

My (10-year-old) daughter suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for several years. The condition was totally debilitating, and she was never able to play or participate in any of the physical activities that normal kids do.

My wife and I had taken her to many doctors in Nicaragua prior to my move to Panama. The doctors tried their best to find a solution, but nothing worked. They prescribed powerful pain medication to treat the symptoms, while admitting that this would do nothing to solve the problem. They hoped that the problem would simply cure itself around the time that my daughter reached adult age… Michael explained to me the benefits of a raw vegan diet, including an overall reduction in inflammation. He did not promise a cure, but suggested that the raw vegan diet would be worth a try, especially since all other options had failed.

To our entire family’s amazement, Gisel’s rheumatoid arthritis completely disappeared in less than a week on raw vegan foods! I am so delighted that my daughter can be a little girl again! She is happy with her new diet, and will definitely continue.

– Roberto Manuel Cajina Serrano, Managua, Nicaragua