The Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

Raw Vegan is a modern term to refer to the original human diet: pure organic fruits, with some vegetables, seeds and nuts. We that eat this way are known as raw vegans.

Raw plants contain all the nutrients that we need-and in the right concentrations. The thousands of varieties of edible plants in the different seasons of the year produce a unique and optimal synergy for human health.

There are endless options for raw vegans. The healthiest version is also the simplest and most economical: eat the fruits directly from the tree. This option is called a frugivorous diet. From here, you can create different flavors and textures by combining different fruits strategically to give an original touch to your food. In addition, with the help of special devices and maybe a few imported ingredients, it is possible to create a healthier version of your favorite ethnic dishes. This last option is called “gourmet raw vegan food“.

Raw Vegan Pizza with tomato, onion, oregano
Raw Vegan Pizza

The raw vegan diet is the easiest to absorb and the easiest to eliminate. Cooking destroys many or most of the nutrients, turning them into toxins, and forcing our immune system to attack our digestive tract, resulting in loss of energy and susceptibility to colds, flu and even cancer. Cooking also evaporates water, causing short-term constipation and long-term aging.

What is the problem with cooked food?

The damage caused by cooking weighs more than any “benefit”. Certainly cooking can “release” some nutrients such as lycopene from tomatoes. But the cost of getting this extra lycopene is the destruction of hundreds of other nutrients. If you eat raw tomatoes, your body will extract the optimal amount according to your need.

Cooked foods contribute to chronic diseases: cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, among others.

Digestive leukocytosis: By eating foods cooked with high heat, the immune system reacts in the same way that it reacts to viruses. Cooking denatures proteins, and converts many nutrients into toxins.

Is it difficult to change from cooked to raw?

Michael Ducharme Pitahaya

It’s surprisingly easy! There is nothing easier than eating a raw fruit any time you want. The cost is minimal, even free if you harvest it directly from a tree. The preparation time can be reduced to nothing and washing the dishes is also much faster without those disgusting pots with cooked-on grease.

The most “difficult” part is seeing everyone else continue spending too much time and money while continuing to get sick with their old habits. But with time, patience and a little effort, you could teach them to follow you on the path to wellness.

Stay tuned for more information on how to switch to a raw vegan diet.