Plant Based Pet Food

We occasionally adopt needy animals and help them achieve optimal health with love and daily plant-based food. If you want your pets to enjoy optimal health, we encourage you to give them love and homemade plant-based food. The highly-processed commercial pet food is usually laden with preservatives, colorants and other harmful chemicals, not to mention the other questionable ingredients such as chopped up diseased animals that were rejected by the human food industry. It should not be surprising that the animals in the jungle do not suffer the diseases that dogs, cats, horses and cows suffer, and the simple reason is that these “domesticated” animals are eating junk food produced by (demented) humans.

Videos of our Vegan Multi-Species Family Feasts

Everyone’s Favourite: Pizza

Bread and Pasta

Our pets go crazy for bread and pasta. They eat it so fast that that until now, no photographer has been fast enough to record the show.
But nearly everyone that has visited has seen them gleefully “inhale” loaf after loaf and slurp down plates of pasta smothered in alfredo, pomodoro or pesto sauce.

Rice and Beans

The go-to plant-based meal for your pets is rice and beans, and this can be used to get them to swallow all kinds of healthy vegetables that they otherwise wouldn’t care for.

Bhumi eating rice

Pirula & Princesa eating coconut rice

Pirula, Princesa & Amber eating coconut rice

Princesa Amber eating coconut rice

Atrevida eating rice and soya

Plant-Based Sushi

Atrevida eating vegan sushi


Gandhi eating mashed potatoes

Gandhi and his Gang eating curly “western” fries

Tigrito eating curly “western” fries

Gandhi and his Gang also love baked potatoes, boiled potatoes and potato cheese.


Gandhi enjoying the pure medicinal goodness of our basil pesto sauce


Fruit Salads

Gourmet Gandhi & his Gang eating a fruit salad

Gandhi eating a fruit salad

Coconut Milk


Gandhi eating a banana

Gandhi & Pachamama eating a banana

Gandhi & Princesa eating a banana

Gandhi & Bhumi eating Papayas

Atrevida eating cantaloupe

Gandhi eating strawberrybanana ice cream

Pirula eating mulberries directly from the tree


Pirula eating a hibiscus flower