Plant-Based Pizza Recipe

The only thing sexier than three vegan pizzas is sharing them with sexy vegans.

three vegan pizzas at vida lotus

(Note that if you want the healthiest pizza option, you will prefer our recipe for raw vegan pizza.)

To make three sexy pizzas at home, do it in four simple parts:

1. Prepare the pizza crusts

Mix 2 cups warm water with 2 teaspoons each of instant yeast, baking powder, himalayan sea salt, and coconut oil, and 6 teaspoons of sugar (this is food for the yeast). You will need about 8-9 cups of wheat flour (sadly this recipe contains gluten) but you should start with half the amount. Kneed it while adding in more flour until it has the right texture, a non-sticky ball. Cover the ball with a little more coconut oil and leave it covered in a warm place until it grows to twice the size. Divide the dough into 3 balls, folding the ball down several times until it is very round, then flatten it with a rolling pin. Heat the oven and cover 3 pizza trays with coconut oil. Transfer the bases to the trays and put them in the oven to pre-cook them (so the rest of the ingredients avoid too much cooking).

vida lotus vegan pizza

2. Prepare the Pizza Sauce

Boil 12 roma tomatoes in a pot. When they soften, drain the water. Peel the tomatoes and blend them with garlic and a little pink Himalayan salt, then continue cooking them to evaporate some of the water. You don’t need to add basil or other herbs at this point because it’s much better to add them fresh after the pizza is cooked.

Delicious Vegan Pizza Recipe

3. Prepare Two Cheeses for your Pizza

Boil 6 chopped potatoes in a pot. When they soften, drains the water. Blend half of the potatoes with himalayan sea salt; the other half with garlic, pink salt and paprika (to have 2 colors of cheese). If you have some nutritional yeast, you can add it to one or both of the mixtures, but don’t worry if you don’t have this.

Vida Lotus Sexy Vegan Cheese Pizza

4. Assemble Each Pizza as a One-of-a-kind Masterpiece

Take your pre-cooked pizza bases out of the oven and assemble your pizzas with much love to your liking or the taste of the person who is going to eat this work of art.

Vida Lotus Cafe Delicious Vegan Pizza

Coat the bases in sauce first. Next, add a layer of your homemade vegan cheese. Then, add any fruits, vegetables and mushrooms that you fancy. And finally, drizzle some more vegan cheese on top. Bake them until they have the level of fluffy / crisp you prefer. Take them out, and add fresh aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, dill, and coriander.

Vida Lotus Sexy Vegan Pizza Slice

Enjoy your Sexy Vegan Pizzas!

Now it’s time to slice your sexy pizzas and enjoy them with other sexy vegans or convert some new ones! Don’t forget to share some with your 4-legged friends ).

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