Pink Dragonfruit Blueberry Cherry Yogurt

You can easily make your own plant-based yogurt at home, thus avoiding harmful animal-based yogurt from the store. Do not be fooled by the false claims of marketers that sell animal-based yogurt as a supposed “health food”. Make no mistake, yogurt made from cow milk contains casein, a known carcinogen, and many other substances needed by baby cows but harmful to humans. Yes, dairy is harmful to all humans, not just those diagnosed with “lactose intolerance”.

How to make Plant-based Yogurt

Prepare your plant-based yogurt by blending one ripe plantain with the fresh juice of one lime or lemon. Add in any other fruits that you like, for additional color and flavor. Pour it into a cup or a bowl and top it with even more fruits. In this case, we added pink dragonfruit and cherries to the base, and added blueberries an a single cherry on top. If you like, you can also add some chia seeds, almonds, or any other raw plant-based ingredients that you like.

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