Permanent Weight Loss

Staying at The Lotus Garden improved my life dramatically! During my first two weeks at Vida Lotus, I followed the raw vegan diet, and quickly lost 15 pounds and 2.5 inches from my waistline. The pants that were tight on me when I arrived to the Lotus Garden were falling off me one week later.

Michael Ducharme Tony Brechkow Greg Leduc and Jack Dyrek at the Castle near Vida Lotus

It has been two months since I visited Vida Lotus, and the new, healthy habits that I learned there have stayed with me. I have not gained back any of the weight. My energy level is as high as it ever was (and by the way, I am 77 years old).

I now eat a more sensible diet, and I am going to keep it this way. I can wholeheartedly recommend Vida Lotus to anyone wishing to find wellness, whether that means weight loss, increased vitality, pain relief or any other goal you may be working towards.

– Professor Anthony S. Brechkow, Tecumseh, Ontario