Our Migraine Healing Protocol

The Vida Lotus Migraine Healing Protocol works like no other treatment for migraines anywhere in the world. We have helped thousands of people obtain relief from headaches, migraines, even chronic migraines. And our patients see a dramatic result within the first few minutes of treatment, which takes around two hours in total.

At the end of our two hour migraine relief session, you will feel like a new you. You will be wiggly, joyful, relaxed yet energised. As though a weight has been removed, you feel lighter, so when you walk you feel like you are floating. You will have no pain. And you will be able to experience emotions that you haven’t felt since before your pain. Pure bliss, extacy. You may cry happy tears. You may start singing or dancing. You are high on Vida Lotus.

And the result stays with you for as long as you want. If you make no changes to your lifestyle, then your period of relief will be shorter. If you adopt the powerful Vida Lotus lifestyle, respecting the nine human needs, then your relief can be eternal. The Vida Lotus system will continually help your body to produce its own chemicals in an optimal way.