Medicinal Aromatic Infusions

Above, three medicinal aromatic herbal infusions. On the left, genovese basil. In the middle, purple basil. On the right, oregano. We recommend this beverage any time you feel thirsty or to replace any other beverage. Infusions are healthier than juices and much healthier than sugary soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and dairy milk.

Always use organic herbs in your infusions. Non-organic herbs are heavily laden with pesticides, so it is important that you not use them in your food and beverage. You can refill the bottle with fresh mineral water, but you should first drink the water completely before refilling. (Do not refill a half-full infusion, or it will spoil quickly.)

Infusions can be served hot or cold. In fact, tea and coffee are famous hot infusions since both are made from a plant steeped in water. We believe that cold infusions are more refreshing and keep the medicinal aromas intact. But warm or hot infusions can aid digestion and are enjoyable in the cold weather.