Healing means to bring something or someone back to its optimally-working form. So, for a sick person, healing means to regain health. For a contaminated river, healing means to restore the ecosystem. Healing has nothing to do with covering up symptoms. Healing eliminates the cause of the disturbance, so that the natural harmony can continue.

Vida Lotus is our mission to heal the world.

The world urgently needs to correct its education system that seems to lead everyone to illness. Vida Lotus teaches that the way to avoid nearly all suffering is to live by the nine human needs.

We offer free help to every person that visits our Healing Center in Limon Panama, a rural area where few would be able to afford our services. We give a gentle, non-invasive anti-stress treatment while also providing information about health and wellness in general.


Those that feel called to learn our system more profoundly can do so by joining our Seva program. Be an instrument of healing. Learn our healing system and help us teach it to the world. Tomorrow is too late. Contact us today to become part of the solution.