Get Wiggly: Eliminate Migraines, Headaches, Insomnia and Improve Overall Health!

Get Wiggly - Eliminate Migraines Headaches Insomnia and Improve Overall Health - Michael Ducharme

Everything in the Universe is either hard, soft, or wiggly. Hard and soft are simple and straightforward concepts that will scarcely be discussed here. This book is all about the wonders of wiggly.

Nothing is permanently hard or soft. If your energy becomes blocked, you stop moving and you appear hard. But you’re not hard. Your essence is wiggly. The apparent hardness is an illness. Wiggliness is wellness.

Wiggly is dynamic. It combines the benefits of hard and soft with the power to switch between the two extremes repeatedly, rhythmically. Wiggly is the water that penetrates the rock.

Wiggliness is power. It can heal physical, mental and emotional wounds. When you get wiggly, fear defaults to love. Warring nations can become friends.

What is Wiggly?

In nature and in technology, lots of things are wiggly. Water is wiggly. This is particularly evident as it wiggles down streams and rivers. Lakes and oceans are topped with wiggly waves.

Worms and snakes are wiggly. But don’t hate wiggly yet! Fish and dolphins are just as wiggly. And your best friend is wiggly too! That furry little pooch that adores you in every way… doesn’t he wag, er, wiggle his tail at the sheer joy of seeing you?

Your garden hose is wiggly. So are all those little hoses inside you… the ones that carry blood to every cell of your body and allow you to stay alive.

Babies are wiggly. (And healthy adults too.) Before you were born, you were a wiggly fetus, and before that, a wiggly sperm. Yes indeed, you were the wiggliest of 280 million cells. Your wiggliness propelled you to your goal. Without it, you could not exist.

Sound waves and light waves: nothing more than wigglers. Just about everything in the Universe wiggles. And it seems that more wiggle equals more life.

The above is the introduction to Get Wiggly: Eliminate migraines, headaches, insomnia and improve your overall health!, a book by Michael Ducharme. It is available at You can visit for more information.