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The real wealth is health. And it goes far beyond not being sick. Wellness means enjoying your life more. It means having more energy, less pain, a clearer mind, and more joyful relationships. None of these things can be purchased, but we can show you the way to get these types of results every day. If you purchase Vilo Tokens for you or your family, you’ll be investing in your family’s health.

Get well at your rhythm and enjoy a better life today!

Buy as many as you want with crypto (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDC and USDT).

Just send the funds to any of the following addresses:

  • Send Bitcoin to this address

    Scan to Donate Bitcoin to bc1qwu39dt654x5tr9w27l4akepa5djge5pe4agrkf
  • Send Ethereum to this address

    Scan to Donate Ethereum to 0xa62805De076F0A244F5DB49843030Fbb0e6a188D
  • Send Tether to this address

    Scan to Donate Tether to 0xa62805De076F0A244F5DB49843030Fbb0e6a188D
  • Send Usdcoin to this address

    Scan to Donate Usdcoin to 0xa62805De076F0A244F5DB49843030Fbb0e6a188D
  • Send Binance coin to this address

    Scan to Donate Binance coin to 0xa62805De076F0A244F5DB49843030Fbb0e6a188D
  • Donate Via Wallets

    • metamask
    • trustwallet
      Trust Wallet
    • binancewallet
      Binance Wallet
    • walletconnect

After sending the funds, please send a screen capture via e-mail so we can send you your ViLo tokens.