Gandhi's Incredible Healing Story

How Gandhi Healed from Mange and Malnutrition with Aloe Curcumin and Vegan Food

Gandhi's Transformation

Gandhi, with mange and malnutrition, before healing at Vida Lotus

Gandhi, when he first walked past Vida Lotus Retreat & Spa, was on a starvation diet, was extremely thin, and suffered a severe case of mange. The following two photos do NOT do justice to how horrible his skin was. He had open wounds covering much of his body, with thousands of maggots and countless other parasites literally eating him alive. He may have been the saddest dog in history.

sad abandoned malnourushed dog

His sadness could be seen and felt from a great distance. Since his fear kept him at a safe distance from all humans, I had to take the above photo from a distance of 150m, with a 500mm telephoto lens that I normally use to photograph the moon.

Gandhi’s Healing Protocol

Gandhi’s integral healing protocol included lots of love, daily homemade gourmet vegan food, and natural skin treatments made from aloe vera, curcumin, lime juice, apple cider vinegar and neem.

Step One: Give him Food and Shelter

At the beginning, Gandhi was understandably afraid of humans. We made him fresh hot homemade vegan food every day and left it for him in our roadside cafe with its door propped open, making it Gandhi’s home while it was under construction. Gandhi initially avoided us at all cost only to return a half hour later to eat the food and lay on the carpet that we left for him. We washed and replace his carpet every single day as its stench was unbearable.

Step Two: Establish Trust to allow Physical Contact

After a month, I borrowed a trick from one of the best books of all time, Le Petit Prince. I layed flat on the pavement, and inched my way closer to him in a clear demonstration of nonviolence. He finally allowed me to get close enough to touch him.

Gandhi with mange and malnutrition before healing at Vida Lotus

Step Three: Cure his Mange with Natural Medicine

As soon as Gandhi allowed physical contact, I immediately blended a liter of fresh aloe vera gel and smothered it all over him. I was surprised that he did not resist in the slightest bit. Probably it made him feel some instant relief, or maybe he just decided to trust me no matter how uncomfortable. His dry, broken skin absorbed the clear aloe gel very quickly, and on the first day, I smothered him again with another dose of aloe.

After two days I made a more potent version of the same thing by blending the entire aloe leaves, including the outer skin. This part of the aloe plant is the strongest medicine as it contains most of the yellow medicinal aloin oil, which can easily irritate sensitive skin. So I tried it on a small section to see if he would complain. He did not. So from then on I stopped skinning the aloe leaves and began using this natural medicine full-strength.

A couple of days later, I dug up some fresh curcumin root. Curcumin is also known as turmeric and is the most important ingredient in Indian curries. This plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory and other healing properties. I blended it with the aloe vera leaves and began painting his bare furless skin, which was black like charcoal from the mange.

Gandhi getting a curcumin treatment 20180822

The next day I added a bit of fresh lime juice so see if we could further accelerate his healing. It didn’t bother him a bit, so I continued using lime juice in his topical medicine and occasionally added a few drops of apple cider vinegar and neem oil for an additional healing boost.

How Gandhi Became the Alpha Dog

Gandhi and Michael in matching black hoodies

With the healing protocol described above, Gandhi not only recovered, but became the top dog on the mountain. He now enjoys the respect of more than two hundred dogs that previously bullied him. But more important to him is the respect he gets from his multi-species family, which includes humans, his two wives, Pachamama and Bhumi, and a cat called Tigrito that Gandhi treats as his adoptive son. See them together here.

alpha dog prince gandhi

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