Gandhi and Bhumi Devouring a large Plant-Based Pizza

Gandhi and Bhumi are total gourmets. They have become accustomed to eating a wide variety of plant-based foods. They eat fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Their absolute favorite is vegan pizza.

We do not give them commercial dog food, as it is invariably made with low quality ingredients rejected by the human food industry. This often includes the meat from diseased animals, as well as bones, hair, nails and the internal organs such as intestines, feces and all. Then they add extremely low grade “plant food” such as GMO corn or soy, along with chemical colorants and copious amounts of preservatives… how else could those massive bags of “dog food” survive for months or years in warehouses and store shelves?

We humans can be quite gullible, buying into the nonsensical health claims that manufacturers shamelessly print on their labels. I was guilty of this in my youth, opting for the more expensive brands of “canine formula” for my pooch, with convincing names like “Science Diet”. But as a good little scientist, I dug into the research and conducted my own experiments to defend myself and my best friends from the propaganda.

My good friend Dr. Omar Moreno pointed out to me that the animals fed by (usually well-intentioned) humans suffer the same diseases as we ourselves do: diseases like cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Doctor Moreno further adds that animals in the jungle do not suffer these diseases. Hmmm.

Here, you can see Gandhi and Bhumi wholeheartedly enjoying one of their favorite dishes: an entire large pizza, which they devour in less than a minute. By the way, dogs are natural omnivores, meaning they can get their nutrients from either plant or animal sources without any serious health consequences. We humans, on the other hand, are NOT omnis: we belong to the subcategory of herbivores known as frugivores, as we are physiologically adapted to eating mainly fruit, along with apes and other primates. A human that believes himself to be an omnivore is mistaken, and serious health consequences are inevitable.

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