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tia de marlene

2021 luris
2021 luris y juan
2021 luris meditate

matrimonio sin gandhi

Doctor Max Aguirre y Claritza Gonzalez celebrando su compromiso de matrimonio en Vida Lotus
Gandhi, Claritza Gonzalez, Doctor Max Aguirre

Congratulations to our friends, Doctor Max Aguirre and Claritza Gonzalez, for their wedding engagement. We are delighted that they were able to celebrate with us at Vida Lotus Retreat and Spa. PS. Gandhi caught the bouquet, and was married soon after to his new wife Bhumi.

girls trip cerro la cruz

imona vida lotus

sexy girl vida lotus

Yoguini Ania Yoga Split

Michael Ducharme and Paula partner yoga at Vida Lotus temple

oriana en domo geodesico

Acro Yoga

Vida Lotus Girl in bikini in front of infinity pool

Cumpleaños de Oriana en Vida Lotus

Michael Ducharme Yoga

haniel vladic meditando en vida lotus

Chocolate Therapy Facial

The above photos are of our staff, volunteers and clients. There are no paid models on this site. The extraordinary beauty that you see here is the result of living a healthy lifestyle. Join us in letting your light shine from within!