Double Portobello Mushroom Burger

This juicy, delicious double portobello mushroom burger will change the way you think about burgers forever. You’ve probably enjoyed many burgers before. Maybe you’ve even savored a portobello burger on some occasions. And all were likely delicious. So what makes our double portobello mushroom burger so special? Well, consider this:

First there was the classic burger, with a piece of dead animal covered in condiments made from mostly sugar, salt and vinegar, smooshed between two pieces of bread made of wheat, the least healthy plant on earth. So you get a few seconds of pleasure followed by indigestion, gases, fatigue, constipation, and perhaps stomach pain, or a headache, all in the immediate aftermath of the meal. And in the long term, you can expect heart disease (because the animal parts contain animal cholesterol that clogs our arteries), cancer (because the immune system will be too busy defending you from foreign proteins to be able to defend you from cancer), and diabetes (because animal products ruin your pancreas, which leads to high blood sugar).

A much better option is to replace the dead animal with a juicy, delicious portobello mushroom, which is similar in taste and texture to the original burger patty. And if you were only going to make one change, this is definitely the most important one. A portobello mushroom is at least a thousand times healthier than a patty made from ground up animal parts. But we at Vida Lotus are a bit (a lot) obsessed with optimizing things in every area of life. So we made a few more improvements…

vida lotus portobelo burger

Instead of one portobello mushroom topped with unhealthy condiments between two pieces of bread, we crafted the masterpiece you see here with the healthiest options we could think of inside and out. So we replaced both pieces of bread with portobello mushrooms. Then, we made our own “meat patty” with beans for texture and beats for color. And finally, we topped it with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, purple onion, homemade babaghanoush and couple of drops of organic mustard. A sprinkle of Himalayan salt and freshly crushed peppercorns is the finishing touch. We apologize if you can no longer look at another burger the same way.