Even if you eat correctly by avoiding GMO’s, pesticides, and the antibiotics and hormones in animal products, some toxins are sure to sneak their way into your body… so it’s wise to keep a rough count of how many toxins are coming in on a daily basis compared to how many are going out.

The four channels of elimination

The body uses four main methods of elimination: respiration, perspiration, urination and defecation. Your body is designed to eliminate toxins automatically through these channels. Unfortunately, the world has become much more toxic since the industrial revolution, so it helps to learn which tools and methods are available to assist the body with its daily cleanup, such that fewer toxins can accumulate in your tissues and eventually cause disease. Water fasting is the most effective method, to be used only occasionally and preferably with professional supervision. Fortunately there are many other ways to detoxify, and some are far more pleasurable than fasting, like a relaxing massage or laying in a sauna.

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