living to the fullest

30-day transformational Courses

Delve deep into self-exploration and discover a higher power that has always been in you… here you will learn to live at the highest level of wellness.

Training in Vida Lotus Unique Healing System

Six hand Healing Massage We teach techniques for self-healing and assisting in the healing of others.

Vegan Master Chef Training

Healthy eating, raw vegan meal preparation.

Self Defense Training

The class will include theory and practice, and will be designed to suit your preferences and abilities.

Nicole Vladic in pink and black sportswear and pink MMA gloves punching a pink punching bag at vida lotus

Essential Yoga Training

Lucho Gonzalez sitting in lotus posture meditating in the temple at vida lotus. ocean view in the background We teach meditation, and the observation and control of energy. Michael Ducharme teaching yoga headstand pose to Nicole Vladic

Partner Yoga

Yoga asanas are beneficial when you do them alone, but the benefits are multiplied when you do them with a partner. Michael Ducharme and Paula partner yoga at Vida Lotus temple

Language Training

language learning with the ducharme method