Here are some of the cats that we have rescued over the years at Vida Lotus. Above is “Atrevida”, which means “Brazen”. She got her name from her attitude. Had she not been brazen enough to wander into the dangerous street, we never would have found her or her three sisters. (Her sisters died shortly after taking the medicine that the Vetenarian recommended.)

atrevida biting michael ducharme on the ear

Atrevida lived a healthy life on homemade vegan food and any small animal that she would occasionally hunt in the jungle. Gandhi fell in love with Atrevida and adopted her son Tigrito. Sadly, Atrevida became jealous and ripped Gandhi’s face open a few times. One day, Gandhi had enough and struck back. We haven’t seen her since then.

atrevida the cat eating a watermelon at vida lotus panama


Tigrito means “little tiger”. He is Atrevida’s biological son, and Gandhi’s adoptive son. In Tigrito’s early life, he was inseparable from Gandhi, who protected him from all dangers. Tigrito would sleep on top of Gandhi for warmth. You can see these two together here.

tigrito lying in the dirt in front of oregano plant at vida lotus panama


Sirena means “mermaid”. Her name comes from the fact that her hind legs were crippled, perhaps from a car accident. We did our best to give her a happy life, though she didn’t live very long. She was not able to urinate on her own, so we had to manually squeeze her bladder several times a day. She was very grateful and very sweet.

Sirena the kitty cat with wheelchair

Vegan Animals Sirena adopted kitty

Click the image below to see more of Gandhi and Tigrito together.