Hard and Fast

The human body is capable of lethal force. This page is about self-defence. It is always best to avoid fighting. If you are ever required to fight, you had better be well-trained first.

Our founder trained for more than two decades, along with world-champion mixed martial artists, under Grand Master Albert Mady. Visitors to our center can learn basic self-defense training from our founder but are encouraged to seek training directly from Grand Master Mady if possible.

In a streetfight, you don’t get to wear pads, and there is no referee to keep things fair, nor cage to hold back extra attackers. Grappling is a spectator sport, next to useless in self-defence. Grand Master Mady teaches that it is best to learn to protect yourself without pads or gloves, and without gimmicks like rings and cages. He teaches the use of a Makiwara board, AKA a punching stick. Using the Makiwara board you learn to punch perfectly every time. One correct punch can save you from harm. One incorrect punch can break your own hand. Only after mastering the punching stick should one attempt to punch a sand-filled heavy bag as shown in the video above. Beginners should always seek training before attempting any martial arts moves.


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