Raw Vegan Mixed Berry Cheesecake

vida lotus raw vegan mixed berry cheesecake

The most decadent dessert ever in its healthiest possible form. This raw vegan cheesecake is what the doctors ordered. And they enjoyed it indeed, with absolutely no guilt, since they knew it was made with love and the finest plant-based ingredients, including fresh berries from our organic garden.

How to Make Raw Vegan Mixed Berry Cheesecake

First, line a cake mould with a very thin layer of small dry seeds such as hemp hearts, chia or sesame seeds. These will add nutrients to your cheesecake while preventing the sticky base from sticking to your cake mould.

Then, add some pecans and pitted dates to your food processor, and process for a minute or so. Grab some of the blended mixture in one hand and squeeze to see if the mixture sticks together or crumbles apart. If it crumbles, you need to re-process after adding more dates, or another similarly dried fruit such as figs, or dehydrated bananas. If it sticks, then you are ready to transfer it evenly into the cake pan, pressing it down into the thin layer of seeds.

The middle part is made by blending raw* cashews and the juice of a fresh lime or lemon and some maple syrup in a high speed blender. * The cashew seeds sold as raw are not completely raw, since truly raw cashew seeds are toxic to humans. When you have a homogenous mixture, transfer it to the cake pan.

The top layer can be pure fruit, or a mixture of fruit and maple syrup if you want it sweeter. Choose whatever fruit you like, but in this recipe we used strawberries from Cerro Punta Panama, Blueberries from Chile and mulberries from our very own organic garden. We served it with Canadian maple syrup on top, though it’s not shown in the picture of video.

The doctors loved it, and so will you. Eat your heart out!