Guacamole and carrot sticks

guacamole and carrot sticks

Guacamole is synonymous with good times. It is a way of life in Latin America, where it originates. But no human alive can resist the delicious combination of avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt and spices. Try making your own guac at home using this simple, healthy and unbelievable satisfying recipe:

How to make Guacamole at home

When your avocados are perfectly ripe, split them open, set the seeds aside for planting, and scoop the green and yellow fruity flesh into a mixing bowl using a spoon. Squeeze the juice of a fresh lime or lemon (or two) through a strainer into the bowl, and set the seeds aside for planting. Pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil into the bowl and add a bit of Himalayan sea salt. Crack some black, white and/or pink pink peppercorns and add it to the mix. You may want to chop up some tomatoes and/or bell peppers and add them in. If you like spicy food, chop up some jalapenos or habanero peppers and toss them in, or leave them on the side if you are sharing your guac with someone that doesn’t do spicy. Now you are ready to mix your guacamole together using a fork.

Your guacamole is now delectable enough to eat it by itself, but you can prolong the pleasure by serving it as a dipping sauce. I recommend chopping up some carrot sticks, or use celery, zucchini, bell peppers, or any other fruit or vegetable that you fancy. Using any of these options will keep this dish raw and healthy. An extremely popular variation is to serve guacamole with corn tortilla chips. While this option is equally enjoyable, it is definitely less healthy as it includes cooked grains. Corn is often mistaken as a vegetable, but it is a cereal grain that contains the gluten called zien, which promotes inflammation. And because the corn is extremely dried from the cooking process, it accelerates ageing by leeching water out of the body.

Ceviche Recipe

Vegan Ceviche Trio!

Who doesn’t like a good trio? 1. Mango, aloe, basil, sage. 2. Mushrooms, tomato, yellow paprika, purple basil, dill, rosemary. 3. Cucumber, yellow bell pepper, coriander, chives, peppermint.