Once Upon a Time, by Chris Bendo

Anyone that has visited Vida Lotus headquarters in Limon, Panama, has certainly enjoyed hearing this track. It’s the all time favourite musical piece of our founder. It was composed and performed by our founder’s dear friend, the late great Chris Bendo on his solo album, Bonzz. This heavenly melody comes in right at the most relaxing part of our healing sessions, helping our patients to feel the divine love that makes such blissful harmonies possible.

Ducharme Method for migraines, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain

The Ducharme Method for rapid relief of migraines, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and a myriad physical, mental and emotional conditions.

The results from this short treatment will amaze you.

This method will alleviate most migraines in 5 minutes.

Before beginning this treatment, ask the patient to rate her pain from 0-10. If it is a full blown migraine, the pain level will always be 10. Spend about one minute on each of the five moves shown in the video. Then, ask the patient to rate her pain again. In most cases, the pain will have reduced by half or may be completely gone. Repeat the five moves in the video until the pain is completely gone.

I developed these techniques and have used them every day for over 30 years to make migraine pain disappear. It works equally well for other headaches, and pain anywhere along the spinal cord except for trauma.

One in every six people suffers from migraines. That’s over a billion people worldwide. You can use these techniques to reduce or eliminate their suffering using only your bare hands.

These techniques are gentle, and pose no risk. Therefore, there are no contraindications. Note that anyone that cannot comfortably sit in the position shown may simply sit with feet on the floor but the half-lotus seated posture is preferable when possible.

Original music by Michael Ducharme (piano) and Greg Leduc (guitar, vocals).

The Dream - Piano Music by Michael Ducharme

The Dream

Michael Ducharme

Shared dreams are those most likely to manifest. So dream big and tell everyone you love.

It was my grandmother and mother that first dreamed of me playing the piano. I also had plenty more inspiration from my musical uncles, aunts and cousins.

This video contains scenes from Vida Lotus in Limon Panama, and a nice shot of last night’s SuperMoon.