Breathe deeply and slowly

Breathe deeply and slowly

Aim to spend as much time as possible in areas of clean air. Ideally, you will be far removed from contaminating factories. If you cannot live in the clean countryside at this moment, then maybe install good air filters in your home and office. Clean fresh air is the number one nutrient, and it is essential to wellness. Now breathe that clean air deeply and slowly.

Often we hear people talk about using food for fuel, thus comparing the human body to a vehicle of internal combustion. But we are in fact electric and re-chargeable. We need food for a different reason (mostly for growing the baby body that everyone is born with into a full-sized adult body). But we need to use energy to convert fruit and other edible plants and mushrooms into human parts. So where do we get this energy? We get most of it from the air. There are some people that claim to live off of air alone. They are called breatharians. We do not claim that this is possible nor do we recommend cutting food out of your life (except for periods of fasting), but it is useful to understand that the human body is designed to accumulate energy (or prana, qi, chi, ki in sanskrit, mandarin, cantonese and japanese respectively) by collecting the electric charge of the oxygen in the air.

How to get more energy

We can optimize our breathing (and therefore increase our energy levels) by breathing slowly and deeply, using the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles as per their design and intention. This is the standard yoga breathing that results in accumulating energy on every inhale, and on every exhale, we can eliminate more carbon dioxide by taking care to exhale completely.

The most difficult part is remembering to do it all day and all night. To remind yourself, you may find it helpful to put small stickers where you frequently look, such as on the computer monitor or the fridge. Another method is to use an audio device that can play a breathing track such as this one at a low volume using the “repeat” feature. You can even use this method while you sleep so your nigh-time breathing may improve and you wake up with more energy.

The following track says “inhale…. exhale….” in Spanish.

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