Be Wiggly

Be Wiggly.

The first petal in the Vida Lotus system is to just be you, as per your original design. And your body is mostly made of wiggly tubes. And if you examine your DNA and chromosomes closely, you will see that our basic design is to be wiggly. So get and stay wiggly to stay in good health.

You were wiggly even before you were born. As wiggliness dwindles, so does wellness. So do whatever you can to reclaim your wiggliness… Sing! Dance! Practice moving like the wind and like water. Your body and mind are one, so moving your body unlocks your mind. The best exercises encourage fluid motions throughout your entire body, such as yoga, martial arts and swimming. In short, choose the exercises that help you get and stay wiggly.

Wiggly Dolphin delfin ondulable

At the following link, you can read a short e-book on getting wiggly, for free.

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