Batman to the Rescue

I was having lunch and suddenly 3 bats came out of the roof in broad daylight and one fell to the ground…

Bats sometimes fall to the ground for different reasons… a lot of wind or rain that prevents them from returning to their hiding place, territorial fights that forces them to leave their hole during the day, injuries from attacks by other animals or injuries to their wings, young bats or bbs that unintentionally let go of their mother, old or sick bats …

What can we do if we find a bat on the ground?
– The first thing is to see if it is an adult, for that we will look at its teeth, fur, nails …
– His wings and body are then examined to see that he has no injuries or broken wings
– See if it is in full sun and could have dehydrated

If we see it well, we can give it a few drops of water, if it is the case, and relocate it from where it could have fallen … or in a high and cool hiding place, where it can rest and resume the flight at night.
If it is a juvenile, you have to locate the place where it fell, to relocate it there and have its mother pick it up
If we see that he is badly injured, or with a broken wing, it will be very difficult for him to survive, if there is a nearby recovery center, he can be taken there, if not, I think little can be done … perhaps relocate him to may he spend his last moments in peace

Never leave a bat on the ground during the day. You are going to have a lot of stress there, you will be exhausted, and at night you will probably not be able to take flight again … they need altitude to start their flight easily.

In the photo, the one who fell, an adult in perfect condition, simply looked for a place to rest, and the next day he was gone

Thanks for helping
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