Bathe Right

Rethink the way you Bathe

The fourth petal of the Vida Lotus system is to bathe in water that nourishes you. Chlorine and other toxins found in city water supplies can be absorbed through the skin. Do not drink or bathe in low quality, contaminated or “dead” water. A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, wrote extensively on the different quality of water in different environments. He attempted to show that flower water is filled with life-giving energy while stagnant water was effectively dead.

michael ducharme under waterfall in panama

Ideally, you would drink and bathe in living water directly from a crisp mountain spring.

shower with basil
If you can’t move closer to a fresh mountain spring, at very least install as much filtration as possible, and use fresh basil under your shower head… basil will release a beautiful aroma in the water and will nourish your skin, hair and even your mind.

Bottled water is often as contaminated as tap water, maybe worse due to plastic materials (such as bisphenol-A and pthalates) leaching into the water from the bottle.

Hydrate yourself the way humans were designed to hydrate: by eating raw fruits. And that brings us to the next petal in the Vida Lotus system…

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