Avocado Flower with Plant-Based Sushi Rolls

Everyone loves sushi. And by this I mean that we love the idea of sushi. It’s the experience that we love: the presentation, the shapes, textures and flavors, and the feeling that we are partaking in something that is modern and ancient at the same time. But none of this is a good enough reason to inch yourself toward a heart attack, which is exactly what you’d be doing if you consumed sushi made of dead fish. Don’t be fooled by clever marketers that would have you believe that fish is the healthy alternative to beef or chicken. Make no mistake: only plants and mushrooms are “healthy” alternatives to dead animals. And the reason is simple: no plant or mushroom contains cholesterol, while every animal product does contain cholesterol, and therefore causes heart disease by clogging your arteries.

It is important to understand that not all cholesterol is harmful to you. The cholesterol that your own body produces is useful in your brain and for occasional repairs elsewhere. But animal protein does not help your brain, nor does it repair your body. Animal protein poses a constant risk. With every bite, you can expect that one of your millions of blood vessels is being blocked. It’s anybody’s guess as to when this game of Russian Roulette turns deadly. Doctors attempt to predict how soon your heart attack is coming by measuring cholesterol levels in the blood. But that method is inadequate if the doctor fails to inform you that animal cholesterol is deadly in any amount, while human cholesterol almost never causes any problem.

Vida Lotus avocado flower and plant based salmon and sushi rolls

As you can see from these images, you can absolutely replicate the wonderful experience of eating sushi without playing Russian Roulette. Plants have all the nutrients that your body needs, and all the colors and textures that delight your senses. So plant-based sushi is the only sushi you or your loved ones should ever eat. You’ll find lots more vegan sushi on this Web site.

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