Atrevida the cat eating Cantaloupe

Cats are natural carnivores so unlike humans, they have the instinct and all of the tools they need to hunt, kill and consume other animals without becoming ill themselves. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t get most or all of their nutrients from plant sources. In these two videos you’ll see how much our adopted kitty loves eating raw cantaloupe.

If you leave a cat to its own devices, it will become a brutal assassin, killing thousands of small animals in its lifetime. A similar number of lives would be lost if you feed your cat non-vegan cat food, except that a human would instead be the assassin, and your money would sponsor these murders. So why not choose plant sources for your cat food as often as possible? If your cat has access to the outdoors, it will be difficult or impossible to prevent them from killing some animals. But the more vegan food she or he consumes, the less needless killing will take place. Sounds like a reasonable way to raise a killer.

We have found that our adopted cats love many types of homemade plant-based foods, from raw fruit to rice and beans, vegan sushi, bread, pasta and plant-based pizza. Here you can see our adopted cat Atrevida (“brazen”) joyfully devouring cantaloupe hearts. She loved it so much, we had to give her a second plate (the second video).

Atrevida the cat eating Cantaloupe hearts (part one):

Atrevida eating a second plate of Cantaloupe (part two):

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