Respect the Sun

Respect the Sun. Take it in Responsibly.

The third petal of Vida Lotus is to respect the sun. Observe it, take it in responsibly. Do not overdo it since the protective ozone layer has been depleted by irresponsible human activity (though it has been somewhat replenished in recent years).

Practice Sungazing at Sunrise or Sunset.

During the first and last hour of sunlight every day, we recommend that you make a habit of staring directly into the sun. Initially, you could start with just a few seconds, and build up to a few minutes. Looking directly into the sun (during sunrise or sunset) is not only good for the eyes, but it is healthy for the brain also. It is known by science that the human body produces its own vitamin D from exposure to the sun, both through the eyes and through the skin. (Science may eventually prove that vitamin D is not the only thing that our body produces in response to the sun.)

Practice Safe Sunbathing

Allow those gentle sun rays to absorb through the skin of your entire body, if possible, rather than just your face and arms. The amount of sunshine needed by each person varies somewhat, according to factors such as latitude (the distance from the equator), skin color and the amount of skin that is exposed. In general, get at least 15 minutes each day, but avoid the strongest mid-day rays that are more likely to burn you.

woman sunbathing by the pool

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