The 9 Human Needs in 3 Minutes

This 3 minute video will change your life.

“Vida Lotus” or the Lotus Lifestyle, is a simple, powerful and flexible nine-part system for achieving wellness of the body, mind and soul.

Each part of Vida Lotus corresponds with one of the nine human needs. I came to the conclusion that every human has just nine needs after spending more than two decades testing many hypotheses using the scientific method.

In the next 10 short videos I will teach you the scientific method and explain each of your nine needs in greater detail, so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel.

The nine human needs are to love, to be wiggly, to breathe clean air, to take in the sun, to bathe in living water, to eat fruit, to detoxify, to dream and to meditate.

This powerful 9 part sytem may be used as a map to achieve a higher level of wellness than is possible with any other system. As such, it should become the new paradigm for worldwide wellness.

The Vida Lotus system creates freedom, which goes far beyond the idea of not being detained. To be completely free, you must also be free of pain, hunger and mental illness.

You must understand that you can satisfy every single need free of charge, unless you are opressed or if this vital information is witheld from you.

Beware, it is becoming more and more difficult to access clean air, clean water and organic fruit.

Do not confuse your true human needs with other supposed lists of needs, which were written with the sole intention to manipulate your purchasing habits.

Your real human needs have never changed since the beginning of humanity, far before the creation of money, markets and technology.

We urgently need teach this system in schools, as this information will empower your children to have the best possible life despite evil forces that would enslave them, to convert them into obedient consumers of harmful products or worse, convert them into products themselves.

The Vida Lotus system is flexible. Each person is free to define their own desires, and these are limitless. Add as many other elements to your life as you wish. But make sure that each of the nine basic human needs are satisfied before chasing after those material desires.

To easily recall the nine parts of this system, you can imagine an 8-petal lotus flower with love emanating from the center.

I love you, so I shared this video with you. Now it’s your turn. Share this with someone that you love.

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