Seva Application Form

Use this form to apply for our One-Month-Minimum Intensive Seva Program.

    Our seva plan is for a minimum of one month. We do not guarantee that you can complete all the necessary steps to graduate from our program in just one month, but it will be impossible to do it in less than a month.

    I am available from:

    I am available until:

    Our seva plan is for healthy, strong people with a willingness to work hard every day, be it in our garden, cleaning inside and outside, or other community work. If you are not willing or able to do work hard, this is not the time to do seva. We will help you improve your health, but you must fill out this form to request a healing treatment . You will be able to do seva after regaining your health and strength.

    If you are strong and willing to do seva now, please indicate if any of these conditions affect you from time to time:

    MigrainesHeadachesOther pain (specify below)Stomach acid, gastritis, acid refluxAllergiesAsthmaFatigue / low energyDepressionDiabetesDiminished libidoEpilepsy , convulsionesInsomniaIrritability: (whether or not it shows)NegativityObesitySadness (sin justificación)StressAnxietyOther (specify below)

    At Vida Lotus it is not allowed to bring or consume any animal product. It is strictly vegan and raw-vegan. If you are already vegan, congratulations. Tell us how long you have lived that lifestyle. If you are not vegan, that indicates that you have not heeded the advice on this site. By eating animals, you sabotage your own health and harm animals and the entire planet. If so, you are not ready to do seva.

    I will bring a tent to participate in the program at no costI want to stay in a shared room, if available, and pay $ 150 at the beginning of the month (non-refundable)