Massiel's Testimony on Chronic Migraine Relief

Before coming to Vida Lotus I was quite concerned about the number of times per week that I suffered a migraine, which was around 3-4 times per week. Through the treatment I felt very comfortable with a sensation that really gives calm to the body. Serenity. It allowed my body to feel free. That helped me to experience many things and especially through sleep. I was able to sleep more calmly for a longer time and especially because the body feels totally different. I have improved so much: A total change.

The first year I had a prolonged time of 6 months without absolutely no migraines. For me it was amazing after so many years [with chronic migraines]. I think everyone should come to Vida Lotus to eliminate their migraines. Vida Lotus continues to change my life with such wonderful experiences.

Freed from Hip Pain

Hello, I recommend that you come here to Vida Lotus. The vegan food is really phenomenal.

I came here with a pain in my hip and the healing treatment really helped me a lot. Right now I have no pain.

You can find many plants and check out the great views, among other things.

I recommend that you come to Vida Lotus. You can do different types of activities like pole dance.

I suffered with Migraines since Childhood

My name is Karla. I have suffered from migraines since I was little. My migraines feel as though my head is going to burst, that my eyes are going to pop out. I take my medicine with me whenever I walk in the street; I can’t go anywhere without my medicine.

Today I have visited a very beautiful and precious place that offers to cure migraines. I have been receiving treatment. I have been honestly surprised by this place called Vida Lotus.

The experience that I am living is phenomenal. Vida Lotus is the best experience I have ever had in my life.

— Background music: You are Not Alone by Chris Bendo.

Pain-Free for the first time in decades

Here is the English translation of the dialogue in the video.

When you arrived, how was your pain?

I had chronic migraine pain. I also had chronic back pain from a very young age. Now… it seems that I’m flying.

How you feel?

I don’t feel… literally. Thanks to Vida Lotus for this opportunity.

music notes
Note that the short music clip at the end of the video is from Chris Bendo’s album Bonzz.

Doctor and phamacist freed from back pain and migraines

Doctor Max Aguirre y Claritza Gonzalez celebrando su compromiso de matrimonio en Vida Lotus

Dr. Max and Claritza’s Story about Recovering from Migraines and Back Pain.

“For us, coming to Vida Lotus was wonderful. We previously could not find a place that met all expectations. Here we have found a wonderful place and an unforgettable experience, especially the healing massage therapy where we experienced many emotions… Above all, being able to live and be without pain.”

Vida Lotus Changed My Life

Marilyn now migraine free thanks for Vida Lotus

Marilyn Baruco’s Testimonial of Healing Migraines, Insomnia and Depression

Before Vida Lotus

The following videos are of Marilyn speaking in Spanish, but the full text has been translated and is given below.

“Before coming to Vida Lotus, I had many headaches, migraines, a bit of depression. Emotionally I was disoriented, unable to concentrate due to insomnia. I stayed awake for a long time… 24 hours … I couldn’t sleep. My diet was very, very bad. I had very much stress. I felt tired before coming to Vida Lotus. ”

My Experience at Vida Lotus

Testimonial of Nicole Vladic

Do you want to know how I changed my life by following 9 simple steps?

For four years I have lived in Panama, the country that opened the doors to rebuild my life and to which I am very grateful. Moving to another country is not easy, but I have gained a lot of significant experiences, which have helped me grow as a person and with each passing day I feel more and more different, contemplating new things and changing perspectives and ideals.

Two years ago I discovered a very special place, Limon Panama, which is located in the province of Panama-West. It has a fantastic climate, a majestic view and very friendly people. This is where Vida Lotus is located, it is a paradise built with love, where I learned many valuable things, among them, a 9-part system that helped me understand well-being and share it with the world.