Doctor and phamacists freed from back pain and migraines

Doctor Max Aguirre y Claritza Gonzalez celebrando su compromiso de matrimonio en Vida Lotus

Dr. Max and Claritza’s Story about Recovering from Migraines and Back Pain.

“For us, coming to Vida Lotus was wonderful. We previously could not find a place that met all expectations. Here we have found a wonderful place and an unforgettable experience, especially the healing massage therapy where we experienced many emotions… Above all, being able to live and be without pain.”

Vida Lotus Changed My Life

Marilyn now migraine free thanks for Vida Lotus

Marilyn Baruco’s Testimonial of Healing Migraines, Insomnia and Depression

Before Vida Lotus

The following videos are of Marilyn speaking in Spanish, but the full text has been translated and is given below.

“Before coming to Vida Lotus, I had many headaches, migraines, a bit of depression. Emotionally I was disoriented, unable to concentrate due to insomnia. I stayed awake for a long time… 24 hours … I couldn’t sleep. My diet was very, very bad. I had very much stress. I felt tired before coming to Vida Lotus. ”

My Experience at Vida Lotus

Testimonial of Nicole Vladic

Do you want to know how I changed my life by following 9 simple steps?

For four years I have lived in Panama, the country that opened the doors to rebuild my life and to which I am very grateful. Moving to another country is not easy, but I have gained a lot of significant experiences, which have helped me grow as a person and with each passing day I feel more and more different, contemplating new things and changing perspectives and ideals.

Two years ago I discovered a very special place, Limon Panama, which is located in the province of Panama-West. It has a fantastic climate, a majestic view and very friendly people. This is where Vida Lotus is located, it is a paradise built with love, where I learned many valuable things, among them, a 9-part system that helped me understand well-being and share it with the world.


Forever grateful for support in becoming vegan, coming off medication

Michael and as well as his assistant Sonia helped me become a vegan and clear my mind of bad thoughts. Also, they both assisted me to come off an antipsychotic drug, which I needed for a period after abusing cannabis. Now, I am drug free and not psychotic. I will forever be grateful for them being available to support me throughout the process and I will continue to eat healthily. From now on I will use my time more wisely.

Thanks again!

Liam Heapes

Ten Years of Insomnia Relieved at Vida Lotus

For the last 10 years I’ve had insomnia. I’ve tried with every technique and teaching I’ve encountered that offered a solution. Michael’s therapy was without doubt the most effective thing I’ve tried. I’d urge anyone with similar health issues to take this very seriously.

– Adam Bones, Panama City

Gratitude, deep love and appreciation


There are no words to express the gratitude and deep love and appreciation I have for you and what you’ve done for me. I came looking to heal from one issue and I’m leaving not just with a fresh new outlook on life but you’ve helped re-ignite the passion for life and my devotion to my mission. More importantly, I’m leaving with a new brother!!!

Wherever my home is there will always be a roof and bed and a warm (or raw rather ha!) plate of food. I look forward to continue on this journey and hold hands with you in our efforts to better mankind. Thank you for reminding I can save the world!

Gowri Daswani 5/16

Gowri Daswani testimonial for vida lotus

Relief from Shoulder Pain

A Testimonial From D.J. Murli Daswani

The following video is in Spanish with English subtitles, and the full translation is given below.

Greetings from Lotus Garden [we briefly used this name at our inception]. I arrived here a few days ago and couldn’t move at all because of the severe pain in my shoulder. But thanks to this spiritual and nutritious retreat that I did, I have been able to heal and I am much better now, well-rested and well-nourished. Many other things you will learn here at Lotus Garden… Here at Lotus Garden, you will heal! Cheers!

– Murli Daswani, Deejay, musician and producer.

Relief from lower back pain and muscle cramps

Testimonial from Rob Brown

My left calf has been cramped since coming in from Canada a week before, and I was suffering from lower back pain. Michael has developed his own style of healing… incredible twisting, stretching massage… did what two previous trips to the chiropractor in Canada was not able to do – put my lower back in line and relieve what has been two months of lower back pain.

I witnessed numerous migraine healings during my internship with Michael Ducharme

diana vasquez

It was inspiring to observe the many healings that Michael performed. So many people would walk into the center, some with horrible health conditions like daily migraines, and after just one rather lengthy session, the condition was apparently gone… folks would often come back months later just to thank us for freeing them of the horrible pain.

Michael taught me how to get rid of someone’s headache in mere minutes. The lengthy sessions were for preventing future attacks. I would recommend that anyone suffering from headaches or migraines, as well as anyone interested in learning how to eliminate these conditions, should visit Vida Lotus as soon as possible.

– Diana Vasquez, Panama City, Panama.

Nurse Gets Relief from Insomnia

Nurse Natalia Star gets relief from Insomnia at Vida Lotus

I visited Vida Lotus in Panama and had one massage treatment for my insomnia. It was a very unique system, different from any massage that I have ever experienced. After the treatment, I felt very relaxed in my body and mind. I slept deeply and peacefully the first night after the massage. Then the second, the third, and so on. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked. A few months later, I experienced some occasional insomnia again… I will definitely come back to Vida Lotus to experience the wonderful healing again.

– Natalia Star, Nurse Clinician, Montreal, Canada