Shepherd's Pie

Sheherds Pie with lentils and popato cheese - by owen

Shepherd’s Pie, or Cottage Pie, originates from Ireland but has become a favorite comfort food in America and the world over. This plant-based shepherd’s pie will give you the warm, fuzzy feeling of eating at grandma’s house. Go ahead and have three huge portions… since vegan food has no cholesterol, you can eat your heart out without promoting heart disease.

Vegan Double Cheese Potatoes

papas doble queso

Boiled potatoes drizzled with creamy homemade plant-based cheese sauce, topped with fresh rosemary and VioLife brand vegan Parmesan cheese. Garnished with fresh basil and manguellitas.

How to make the secret homemade cheese sauce

After boiling the potatoes, blend some of them with avocado oil, Himalayan sea salt, nutritional yeast and fresh curcumin.

The rest of the recipe is self-explanatory from the description above.

Plant-based Shredded Beef

plant-based shredded beef recipe from vida lotus panama

If you or someone you know is trying to stop consuming harmful products, here is an amazing recipe that you can use and share. It is every bit as tasty as the animal-based dish that it mimics. But the plant-based version is infinitely healthier, as all animal products contain cholesterol, which is the main cause of heart disease, the world’s number one killer. Cholesterol does not exist in the plant kingdom. Yes, zero cholesterol in plants or mushrooms, so eat as many of these as you like with absolutely no chance of clogging your arteries. On the other hand, consuming animal products is like playing Russian roulette with your tubes. And don’t forget that you and I are largely made of tubes… it is absolutely critical that these millions of tubes stay open at all times.