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International Flights to Panama

Panama’s two main international airports remain open during the pandemic. The largest airport is the Tocumen International Airport (airport code PTY), which handles most of the commercial airlines that enter Panama. The next most popular international airport is the Scarlett Martinez International Rio Hato (airport code RIH), which handles mostly charter aircraft. Vida Lotus is located in the moddle of these two airports, so choose whichever one is most convenient for you.

Local Flights within Panama

If you are already in Panama and wish to arrive to Vida Lotus safely and quickly, hopping over any traffic jams along the way, we can help you to book a small from one of Panama’s many local airports, including Albrook Airport, Howard Airport and others. The landing strip closest to Vida Lotus is the Chame Airport, about fifteen minutes from Vida Lotus by car.

island hopper plane in panama - avioneta aterrizado

If you prefer to arrive by helicopter, please vist this page.