Gandhi & Bhumi eating Papayas

Gandhi & Bhumi eating Papayas

An Owl visiting our Retreat Center

owl at vida lotus

More than a decade ago we began the construction of our wellness retreat center near Panama’s first national park. The first structure was a temporary one: a rather ugly square box built of marine-grade plywood with a tin roof. Inside was a massage table, a closet rod with hanging robes, a tiny desk and a yoga ball: the humble beginning of our healing center. The idea was that if anyone suffering with migraines visited our construction site before it was finished, we could help them immediately rather than asking them to wait for the completion of our project.

But our first guest didn’t suffer from migraines. Nor did she make a reservation through this Web site. But the visit was memorable nonetheless. It was this cute, friendly, baby owl.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa at Vida Lotus - leaves with holes

Monstera Deliciosa at Vida Lotus

This ornamental plant, Monstera Deliciosa, has recently become quite popular in exotic flower shops. It grows natively here at the Vida Lotus headquarters and in the national park nearby. It unique and striking appearance is characterized by naturally-occurring slits and holes in random places throughout its broad leaf. As its name implies, the leaf is large and “deformed” (like a beautiful monster) and its tubular fruit is delicious.